September 07, 2010

Social Learning to the Next Level with New Features in inGenius By Pam Boiros As you've read in earlier posts, we’ve shared regular updates about our social learning product, SkillSoft inGenius on Books24x7. The feedback and reviews have been great, and we now have over 60 clients deploying inGenius, covering a potential audience size of 500,000+ learners. A few weeks back, we released a number of important new feature enhancements to inGenius. I would classify them all as “participation” features. With more opportunities to engage with their community, connect, share, recommend and rate content, inGenius becomes an even stronger enterprise collaboration tool – and we expect participation levels to grow even more. Here is an overview of the major enhancements we just rolled out. Interests and Expertise: You can now declare, self-rate and share your areas of interest. There are three levels of expertise that you can declare: Learner, Experienced, or Expert. This helps you find other community members with relevant interest areas – and help community members connect with you, too. Recent Activity list Enhancements: The Recent Activity list has been enhanced to provide information on other activities and the Recent Activity can now be tracked via RSS. The following are the new activities in the list: New users as they create a profile and join Recommendations (Person X recommends Title Y) Following activities (Person A is now following Person B) Who found community Notes and Comments "helpful" Notifications Page: There is now one place to go to view notifications of inGenius activities that directly affect you. Notification also can be tracked using RSS, and each community member can decide which activities will generate notifications. Ratings of Notes and Comments: You now have the ability to "rate" the Notes and Comments posted by other community members, by indicating if you found a Note or Comment "Helpful" or not. Sharing Recommendations of Titles: You can now recommend titles and share specific reasons for your recommendations with your community. Discover community members: Part of the value of any social site is knowing who’s part of the community. Is there anyone there worth collaborating with? A “Browse People” option has been added to help with the discovery process: Are you intrigued by these new enhancements? Do you want to experience inGenius for yourself? The inGenius “Early Look” Program still is available for learning leaders. There is no cost or obligation associated with participating in “Early Look”, but we do solicit feedback from all...
Predictable Impact in Unpredictable Times Requires Flexibility By Kieran King We are pleased to bring you a guest blog post today from Kieran King, our Global Director of Loyalty Strategy. The recent economic environment has presented even greater business uncertainty. Despite that, there are companies who consistently perform, regardless of the conditions. In the book, Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times, authors Stephen Covey, Bob Whitman, and Breck England, discuss the need to be agile in order to win, regardless of the rate of change. As an enterprise competes to win, it is imperative to be flexible, and adjust to changes as they arise. By the same token, a company’s enterprise e-learning partner also should be agile enough to assist with these critical shifts in focus. Below is a synopsis of SkillSoft’s comprehensive range of flexibility: Since change is the name of the game, we regularly adapt a client’s solution during the term of a contract if and when changes in learning needs arise. No waiting until the contract anniversary or end of an agreement is necessary. With SkillSoft’s wide range of license models, clients can license in a way that directly supports their business needs. Want to license one course for an IT initiative or an entire library of multi-modal resources for three departments? Consider it done. SkillSoft offers the most diverse corporate courseware topic range. Variety provides companies with a flexible way to respond to the inevitable rate of change. SkillSoft solutions address development requirements at all levels within a company – from the CIO to an entry level project manager. Our clients have the advantage of a “best of breed” approach in topic thought leadership, without having to contend with disparate products from multiple suppliers. This makes it easy for our clients to mix and match learning assets on the fly. Because SkillSoft owns the direction of its major products and we do not resell products from third parties, we can ensure that all of our products are aligned to meet new technology requirements. For example, if a new version of a browser is released, SkillSoft can adapt its product line to support the new browser. No lobbying with multiple third party suppliers to modify their technology plans. Since not all learning within an enterprise occurs online, SkillSoft clients also receive complimentary blended learning materials to support synchronous delivery in a wide range of topics. The resources include PowerPoint slides that can be completely tailored,...

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